four steps to find clarity

"The Answers You Seek Are Already Within You - It's Only a Matter of Drawing Them Out"

This is the story of why you deserve more from life and how to get it

Do you want to take big, bold steps towards your goals and your dreams?

To feel accomplished, and confident in the decisions you make?

To make the impact and earn the lifestyle you want - without driving yourself up the wall, or sacrificing your family??

To look at the day and think:

I am doing good and I know exactly where I'm going.

This – this the life you deserve, my friend!!

Because you put in the work, and you want to win, not for yourself, not only, but for the people you serve, and your loved ones!

And sometimes, maybe it feels like you're THIS CLOSE, like you're almost there, but something goes wrong, and the luck you want slips away...

These times, they define us – for me, it’s this moment I'll never forget:

When she left me for somebody else, my first love of five and a half years…

In a blink, she was gone, I was hurting, alone, torn apart…

Angry - so angry I would drive the car screaming!!!

So this one night, it's so dark, and the road it is empty, there’s a red light right there, up ahead…

And I stop, hit the break at the light and say – NEVER AGAIN.

Never will I let anyone hurt me, again.

I am here to give love, and be loved in return.

And I don't know where to find it, or how, but I'm sure as hell going to go for it!

It’s a promise I made, right there, and in that moment, I knew – there is no going back.

It gave me focus and so I kept going, even when I was scared, scared of being alone, drinking myself to bed.

Getting back from one dating disaster to the next.

Each time, I felt like a failure, wanted to give up, but I knew finding love, it’s so worth it, you know?

So I kept trying, baby steps, until I got better and better – making eye contact, going on dates and actually having a good time…

It’s been slow going, and there were times I wanted to give up, but…

Eventually, I found HER.

My true love – and our ten-year anniversary, it felt so special for sooo many reasons!

One of them being I did not give up.

I kept going, even when I did not believe in myself.

Even when others did not believe in me, either…

And those moments, those times that define you – we all have them, don’t we? 

I know YOU do – because you are here, because you want MORE from life.

To get results, to find answers, to figure things out!


That is absolute key!!

But it’s so hard to do it alone, to carry the torch, to do the work, every day…

And it can feel like you’re pushing this boulder uphill at times...

Because that isn’t the way things should be.

Life can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be:

Not when you’re giving your best, to make an impact and help others.

Life should be simpler, even predictable, when you know what you can expect and how to get the results that you’re wanting.

This is where coaching can help:

To step right out of routine, and how you do things each day

And get in touch with what's real for you now, to see the things that you missed or never found time for…

To see how seemingly different parts of you are connected, to gather courage, and strength within yourself, waiting for you to take it...

To have you see how one part of your life relates to others - even when it doesn't obvious or even makes sense...

To be reminded that you are resilient, and capable of anything you put your mind to…

That is the journey you go on with your coach - or SHOULD, if they know what they’re doing!!

I help my clients figure things out FAST - because you should never waste your time waiting for things to change on their own. 

They never do - so why wait or feel like you’re just not sure what the next step should be?! 

You want to sweep doubt aside and focus on being AMAZING!!

To feel accomplished, fulfilled and live forward with purpose. 

To bring a sense of harmony to what you care about the most – your work and your family.

PRIDE – for who you are, your values, and your way of life.

Ask my clients - I CELEBRATE them each and every time!


Because you want to focus on what's right, what you're doing well, how you win, small steps.

NOT try to be perfect, or impressive, or feel like imposter...

My role as coach is to celebrate YOU and connect you to answers that you *already* have so you feel empowered to seek them out next time

Last night I spoke with Jess, my client, about what coaching has done for her:

Between running her physiotherapy business and starting her family, there was a lot going on and it got harder and harder to make sense of what’s right, and time for what matters the most.

But having a process is helping her focus on what’s important, truly, to find answers that are pulling her forward. 

And the biggest thing she loved was how simple the coaching experience was for her. 

And that’s the best compliment ever…

Because this is my goal for you: to make life so simple you only focus on things that matter to you, and nothing else.


Because I know how lonely that journey can be… 

Every misstep, every time you don’t make a change… 

It’s a missed opportunity. 

You’ve done it all – you fell down, you struggled, you hit the wall, you made your dance around hope…

And yet, despite the past and the craziness, you are here!!

You made it through those turbulent, troubled times, and found the way through...

Those times you did not have up, they all have one thing in common – YOU

You have figured things out BEFORE!

That’s what I found in all my long list of troubles, mishaps, and stupid mistakes – you follow the same steps to get through it. 

You may not see it, and you may not know it, and you may stumble through without realising what it is that you’re doing, but it’s THERE.  

It really got through to me when I was talking to my grandma.

At 96, she is still the sharpest person I’ve met and an incredible influence in my life!

One day we talked about me wanting to change careers and I kept saying, “But I’ve no idea what I’m doing!”

“Don’t worry,” she said, “no one ever does… So trust yourself through this.”

TRUST YOURSELF – and that made me wonder…

What if we all (secretly) know what we’re doing, even when we don’t think that we do…

We all need to belief in ourselves that little bit more, don’t we?

Because nothing is wrong with you. 

Nothing is missing, despite what some people might be trying to tell you…

You're not broken so you don't need to be fixed!

Support, guidance, encouragement - YES.

Absolutely, we all need a little bit of that, don't we? 

To bring out what works, uncover that was there all along.

The way YOU make sense of the world – it is unique and true for yourself and your values.

And only you! 

Honestly, it’s why I created Clarity First:

To bring you close with what is already within you so you can live the happy, purposeful life you deserve – faster.

Each week we get together on Zoom to look to one part of your life where you’re going to make progress.

From being more centered to finding courage, we work through the process – what does it mean for you? 

Each session, I help you bring it to light.

It's a simple process, the four steps I teach to find clarity in any part of your life.

Say you want to be more confident…

These are the questions I want to be asking you:

1) Define – what does mean confident mean to YOU? 

What’s it mean to you and why it’s important? 

When you dig deep to find what being confident means to you, not only do you get to reconnect with your authentic self, but it also makes it more realistic and manageable so you can start moving towards it

2) Clarify – when do you need to feel confident in the next week? 

Name one or two situations when you want to feel confident. 

Here we make it relevant to you in this moment today… 

If it’s a sales call or a parent teacher interview, you want to know what it is and why that’s a big deal.

3) Qualify – what is going to help you feel ready? 

How can you prepare in a way that’s going to be helpful and make you feel in charge? 

This is where we look at your options to identify specific actions that will help you get the results you want.

4) Apply – this is the actions you take and put it to practice. 

What’s the one thing you’re willing to try? 

How will you know it’s working? 

Is there anything you might need to watch out for? 

I’m not a know-it-all so I focus on you and what’s right for you and your way of life:

You pick out the key, open the door, and let yourself in

Because all the answers you seek are already within you >

It’s only a matter of drawing them out and that’s what I help you do and champion you to go further, to live happy and lead a purposeful life. 

The life where you wake up and you look forward to what this day will bring…

Instead of wondering what else could go wrong.

A life where you feel confident in the decisions you make because you have the system you need to fall back on when needs be.

A life where you're on the move, going forward.   

The other day I asked my clients about how my coaching helped them: 

For Katrina, “Joe helps you find clarity about what it is that you really want to do, and then the steps to achieve it, and it’s done in a financial, spiritual and mental way.”

Troy says, “Joe took the time to know me and the specific issues that I was having to tailor it to speak to me, and resonate with me and work in my life.”

For Steven: “Each session is rounded off with not just insightful information, but handy and helpful action points that are very simple, very clear which makes it very easy to take action the following day to start implementing.”

Here is how this coaching program can help you:

• Find clarity around goals and your future

• Connect the dots to help you feel in charge

• Make important decisions with confidence

• Forge even stronger bonds with people you care about

• Predictable system to solve problems 

• Generate a strong sense of purpose around what you are doing

• Wake up feeling driven and motivated

• Make a greater impact than ever before to feel that you belong

So what’s it take to live happy?

To lead a happier, more fulfilled life where you know you belong?

It isn’t some massive change, but taking the right path, and stay on it.

Here is one thing that I believe about life:

What You Seek In Life Is Exactly What You Get

Our happiness = our responsibility.

It’s not going to land on you so what you do matters.

Really matters!

Your happiness, my friend, is right here, waiting for you to take it! 

I’m here by your side, cheering you on! 

To help you make progress, to move forward with the decisions you won't regret, and feel there’s someone by your side, every step of the way...

My friend, this month I make FIVE spots available to work with folks one on one.

That’s all the time that I have, so tell me…

Are you ready to take this next big, bold step in your life today? 

Is that going to be you??

Look, I don’t know you, what you want and whether you’re ready to go, but...

Know this: I am committed to helping you WIN! 

And with this program, you’re investing your time, your money and energy, and I want to make sure it’s a match. 

I want to see if it’s right for us to work together – apply for the program and I will give you a free strategy session to see if it's right for us to work together...

Because I don't want to waste your time, I am respectful of your mission and goals, and I expect the same in return.

So if you want to BREAK THROUGH to the next stage of your journey life, even if you don't know what that looks like exactly...

Especially then - and you know you DESERVE more from life, then I'm here to work with you one on one to figure it out and get there SO MUCH FASTER.

You're on the Verge of a Breakthrough, My Friend!

Believe in yourself! All the answers you seek are already within you

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