Your Feedback Is Key To SIMPLIFY CANCER!

This book will help men conquer the mental side of cancer

Man's guide to navigating the everyday reality of cancer

Here I'm sharing how you can stop cancer from running your life.

There are 4 parts to this book, one for each main challenge that you can’t turn away from:

  • Why me? How to pull back the tide of panic and the crushing helplessness of it all to breaking the chain of non-stop thoughts about cancer
  • What happens now? How to start dealing with cancer in a measured, rational way so you make critical decisions about your treatment and everything that needs to happen along the way?
  • Who do I talk to? How to get past the awkwardness of talking about cancer with people who matter, minus the drama
  • How do I deal with waiting? Cancer is a never ending civil war where you are constantly in between test results, word from the specialist... How to stop your mind from obssessing over what ifs and maybes and put your energy into something you can control.