Joe’s Simplify Cancer podcast is an asset for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. With this book, he’s used his expertise to assemble a valuable guide for dealing with something that
many have overlooked in the past—the psychological impact of cancer.

Dr. David Palma, MD, PhD, author of Taking Charge of Cancer

Hearing the three words “you have cancer” is devastating. Receiving this news is overwhelming. Joe has helped to make the experience a little less stressful by creating simple, easy to understand tools to help those aff ected by this disease navigate the complexities of Dr. Visits, treatments and so much more.

Lee Silverstein, We Have Cancer Podcast Host and Stage IV Survivor

Joe has used his personal experience to craft a simple, practical and meaningful strategy to help others in facing their cancer diagnosis and in taking back some control of their journey. Men facing a new diagnosis are sure to find Simplify Cancer a great resource.

Mike Craycraft, R.Ph., Survivor/Founder, Testicular Cancer Society

Most cancer patients are guided by a medical team who have never actually experienced cancer themselves. In this book, Joe gives men an insiders’ guide to dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment by drawing on his own experiences. He focuses on providing practical advice to support men with cancer rather than jargon and statistics and I believe this will be a great resource for men in this situation.

Dr David Pook, Medical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of prostate, kidney, bladder, bowel and testicular cancers

Dealing with cancer is tough and can leave people feeling scared and isolated. Joe’s been through the wringer and has distilled what he’s learnt from his cancer experience into this easily understandable and relatable book, Simplify Cancer. He offers personal and practical advice on everything from making an informed treatment decision, to getting support, and managing worries about the future. I hope this book will help those unlucky enough to be affected by cancer feel less alone and that they can live a personally meaningful life with and beyond cancer.

Allan ‘Ben’ Smith, PhD, Centre for Oncology Education & Research Translation (CONCERT), Ingham Institute & UNSW

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