Everyday Reality of Cancer

Simplify Cancer Book Cover

No one talks about the everyday reality of cancer and how to stay sane in this crazy world of uncertainty.

When you’re in between tests, treatment, word from your specialist, this constant uncertainty gets to you.

You’re constantly worrying and second guessing yourself: is this cancer? Is it spreading? Has it come back?

As a man, you are supposed to shut up and put up with it, but it’s not easy. And that needs to change.

So in this book I’m going to answer 4 essential questions:

1. Why me?

Like a hit and run, cancer can never be fair, or just, or make sense. What you need now is to pull back the tide of panic and the crushing helplessness of it all and break the chain of non-stop thoughts about cancer.

2. What happens now?

When cancer is the last thing you expected, how do you start dealing with cancer in a measured, rational way so you make critical decisions about your treatment and everything else that needs to happen along the way? What to expect from your treatment, hospitals and the medical experts looking after you and how to keep your sanity in the midst of it all.

3. Who is going to help me get through cancer?

How to get past the awkwardness of talking about cancer with people who matter, without being over dramatic and avoid sidelining those who want to be there for you, but don’t know how.

4. How do I deal with waiting?

Cancer is the never ending civil war where you are constantly waiting for something happen – more tests, next treatment, more checkups. You’re always on edge, in between test results, word from the specialist and you need to find a way to stop your mind from obssessing over what ifs and maybes and put your energy into something that is within your control.