Khevin Barnes on Simplify Cancer

Today, I am talking to my favorite male breast cancer survivor, health advocate and modern day renaissance man Khevin Barnes! Khevin is here to bring his unique blend of hope, fun and inspiration we all need after cancer!! Here are some things that we cover today:Khevin Barnes Photo

  • Key distinction in how men and women deal with cancer
  • Khevin’s unique perspective on cancer
  • How to sideline worry through contribution
  • Living in the moment: beyond the cliche
  • Khevin’s insight on meditation (you can’t force it!)
  • The practice of life that brings fulfillment
  • and much, much more!


Khevin Barnes | Cure Today


Khevin Barnes; Male Breast Cancer Survivor, Cancer Writer, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Episode 021: Laugh Your Way to a Better Life After Cancer