You don’t think about cancer when you’re young. Your hopes and your dreams they still lie ahead even when you haven’t found them yet… And that is why it hits you SO DAMN HARD. You never see it coming and what’s worse, neither does anyone else. Your friends find your cancer weird to talk about it, and no wonder – what do you say or do without coming off weird or insensitive? And how do you make sense of it all when you haven’t even figured out life yet? 

This is the reason why Geoff’s story is so vital. Having come face to face cancer as a young adult, Geoff found a way to get past the troubles and created an organisation to help young adults dealing with cancer. This incredible mission that Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) has not only helped Geoff heal, but has also inspired change makers to join and support the cause (check out the most recent conversation with cancer thrivers Gabrielle and Alex) and brought together thousands of young adults in the knowledge that they are not alone. Geoff is an inspiration and his message of finding meaning and connection is exactly what.

Here is the video version of our conversation:


Primetown: a virtual cancer summit for young adults and those who care for them

Young Adult Cancer Canada

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