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Having been through cancer myself, I know how crazy life gets when you find out about your cancer… It’s like landing in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language, don’t know how it all works and or who you can trust!

In this book, I share practical ways to overcome the 4 main challenges men face through cancer, how to deal with worry and build stronger bonds with people in your life so that you get the support that you want, on your terms.

This is real life advice that you can apply in your life right now to be in control of your life during cancer! Find out more right here.

Meet your new coach: Joe Bakhmoutski

It's not easy to get back on track after cancer - you're always torn between wanting things to go back to the way they were, yet also realising that things will never be the same...

I wish someone was there by my side as my guide and my true supporter, and that's why I built my coaching program to find the best way forward for you!

In this program, we work one on one to get maximum traction in key areas of your life after cancer and how to get around the challenges that come up in your life.

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