3 Reasons Why People Disappear From Your Life During Cancer


  • It’s weird that some people in your life go missing just when you need them most
  • My friends let me down during cancer treatment and I went on a quest to find out why
  • Having collected and analyzed hundreds of reasons people have provided, I can share with you 3 top reasons why people fade away during cancer
  • Reason #1: Their own fear of death and dying gets in the way of supporting you when it’s easier to turn away from
  • Reason #2: People don't want to offend you by saying the wrong thing so they do the worst thing possible, which is nothing at all
  • Reason #3: It can be hard to notice sometimes that we can grow distant with people and be close friends in name only and it may take a disaster like cancer to bring that to light
  • To get the support you want, it's best to explain to your people exactly what you want from them to be there for you
  • Those who truly care about you will be grateful for giving them the opportunity to support you on your terms
  • Send an email with a list of practical things that people can volunteer for

Inspirational Quotes

Cancer has a way showing who your true supporters really are
I'm grateful that after cancer, there is definitive proof that I can no longer waste a single second on things I don’t believe in with people who don’t care about me
Cancer hammers home the true value of time - the past has already been and gone, the future is the great unknown, and there is no time like the present

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