Cancer: From Worry into Action


  • Some people say I won’t let cancer define me – but how can it not?
  • It affects what you do, how you think about future and how you see yourself
  • Cancer IS going to define you - but you have the power to choose HOW
  • How to convert your energy from worry into action:
  • Sorry for yourself, or find ways to deal with it as best you can?
  • Take things as they come, or take charge, make informed decisions?
  • Suffer alone, or speak up about your struggle?
  • There are powerful ways to prepare for dealing with worry and uncertainty
  • You can choose to become informed about treatment including side effects, symptoms and outcomes
  • Staying connected to your people, friends and family and medical team means you don't have to go it alone

Inspirational Quotes

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear
Cancer IS going to define you - you have the power to choose HOW

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