How to Work Through your Symptoms for Peace of Mind


  • With cancer, you start to question everything - your every ache or pain is magnified...
  • These worries get to you, they trigger other thoughts, scary, uncomfortable thoughts you don't want, and then you can’t stop thinking about it, and things can really get out of control where you're constantly on edge, not thinking straight and never sure what to do next
  • So how do you stop your mind from going in a million directions at a million miles an hour?
  • I believe you need to go through your worries methodically, take out emotion and replace it with logic so look at this in a calm, rational way, using my 4 step process to gain clarity about what’s going and how to deal with it.

Inspirational Quotes

Replace emotions with logic when you methodically work through your worries
Your true supporters are not going to judge you
Your peace of mind is at stake

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