How To Stop Panic Attack in 2 Minutes or Less


  • Panic attack can happen at any time it takes over and you're not myself anymore
  • You start to worry: - What if I fall down or faint, or stop breathing? How do other people see me, can they tell what’s going on?
  • But fighting it and trying to keep it under control which makes things worse, leaving you worn out and exhausted
  • A good way to think about it is like a train coming towards you – you can't stop it so get out of the way
  • My technique for dealing with it is called "Feed to Beast" - give it what it wants and it will go away!
  • What I say to myself: "Here it is again, I knew it was coming, I’m going to let it happen and get out of the way
  • Let this waves of panic come and wash over you, and soon it will leave you alone
  • At the end, do a sharp and intense physical movement like jump and clap to break apart whatever tension is left

Inspirational Quotes

Fighting through panic attack never works It makes it worse and wears you out even more
Panic attack is like a freight train coming towards you
Give your panic attack what it wants time and it will go away

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