POISE: Support Pillar 1 of 3


  • Everyone sees you in a particular way, and that builds up gradually to form one powerful feeling
  • It seems like an incredibly complex process that we have no control over, yet do so unconsciously with every interaction
  • And when we start to change it, something magical happens!
  • With my son, I thought – how do I want him to see me, remember me?
  • I picked out fun, the one aspect of our relatioship that I wanted to stand out for him, andhe responded to it in a powerful way
  • It also brought incredible relief to me because I was present, in the moment, focussed on our interaction, not worring about cancer or what might happen
  • This process of selective memories has completely transformed the way I see myself now and how I am with people I truly care about
  • You create a certain POISE, the way you carry yourself and that creates the right balance in your life
  • It gives you the tools for living in the moment which is so valuable because with or without cancer, it can be taken away

Inspirational Quotes

The way you show yourself to people you care about creates the right balance in your life
Your purpose in life will guide you through the uncertainty of cancer
You release tension through intense focus not relaxation
Any day it can be taken away

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