Taking the Stress Out of Your First Oncologist Visit

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  • When it comes to oncology, it takes a lot of effort to not only become a specialist, but also to stay in this profession
  • As an oncologist you are required to stay up to date with learning and latest research
  • The advice you are getting is based on best practice from around the world
  • You can I trust that they know what they are doing, trust the advice you're going to get, trust that there are solutions to most problems
  • If there is trust, then you can ask any questions you want and have the confidence you are going to get right answers for you
  • Come prepared by asking questions about worries that are bothering you and fears that keep you up at night
  • Make notes about answers and ask your specialist if it's ok to record the conversation for reference
  • Bring a friend to take mind off cancer and crosscheck any information later
  • When you’re prepared for your oncologist visit, you can remove away so much of your stress and worry

Inspirational Quotes

Oncologist is your trusted guide and advisor through cancer who can handle any question about treatment and the life around it
Coming prepared to see your oncologist is bound to take away a lot of the stress and worry because now you are in control of the situation

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