When it comes to making decisions about your cancer treatment, you expect your specialist to have all the answers so you know exactly what you need to do, but often, that’s not how things turn out.

You may have different treatment options, each with its pros and cons.

All of a sudden, you have to make life and death decisions over things you don’t really understand…

So how do you go about making a decision that is right for you?

This is what I learned from experience that may help.

In short:

  • You expect your specialist to lay out the treatment step by step, but often, there are you are the one deciding which road to take
  • Yes, it’s scary because you are asked to make life and death decisions over things you don’t even understand…
  • But it’s also empowering because you now in charge of your life again, you are empowered to decide which road to take going forward
  • Your specialist guides you through the process, but it helps to dig deeper to understand what’s really going on under the hood
  • Search for each option on a reputable evidence based website like Cancer Council in Australia
  • Now that you know the facts, ask cancer survivors for their experience
  • These folks went down that road before, gone through those treatment and had to make decisions like the one you need to make right now
  • Find the right forum with my Online Community Guide under the Tools section on SimplifyCancer.com
  • When you combine expertise and facts with real life experience and know how, you can make informed decisions about treatment
  • There is no such a thing as the right decision so make a decision that’s right for you in this point in time
  • Whatever decision you make is bound to be the right one for you right now!


Making the Right Decision About Your Cancer Treatment Vlog