In short:

  • Resilience is not about being positive… It’s doing your best to work around things that get in your way!
  • And you need the ability to recharge it during the many ups and downs throughout your cancer adventure
  • But where do you find it – I believe that it has to come from people in your life
  • your life is in danger you don’t know what to expect or how things are going to turn out, so this is truly the time when you need your people the most
  • It’s makes sense to Accept that you should not deal with cancer on your own
  • No need for drama – just being straight up and honest and direct about what’s going on for you
  • People in your life want to help, but they don’t know how – guide your people on what they can do to be there for you to get support on your terms
  • This support is now integrated into your life when you have real conversations
  • They are going to feel included and they are going to be grateful
  • And there are going to be people who won’t step up even you made it very clear about what’s going to help you
  • Let them be and Move On – focus on those who stayed
  • Support from people you care about is going to pull you up instead dragged down by worry and uncertainty


Emotional Resilience During Cancer Treatment