It is only when I look back at life after I finished treatment that I realise how much of a struggle it’s really been.
I had no one talk to about it and it seemed like nothing would ever even change… But it can, and it does!
Having spent three years of deep work to get on top of worry and stress I am here to share with you five big things that can help you get there that much FASTER.
In each of the big five, I give you practical tools and mindset to make these come to life. Because you don’t need theory, but real world implementation!
Here are the top five ideas we go through on the roadmap to thrive after cancer in this week’s episode:
  1. Get your energy levels up
  2. Redirect your worry
  3. Recharge your relationships
  4. Set yourself up to win
  5. Make giving a way of life



Episode 039: Exercise Boost Through Treatment and Recovery

Episode 002: How Exercise Helps Crush Cancer

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