Episode 53 PURPOSE

Here is what is covered in this episode:

  • With cancer, it’s so hard to make sense of it all – at times, you feel so lost, there is no energy, no spark…
  • But this one time, I thought to myself – what if this my last day, what would I do now?
  • Seemed scary when it first popped into my head, but the more I thought about it, the easier it has become to only do things that I enjoy, that are important to me right now
  • With this clarifying question, you are only doing things that really matter and everything else is a distraction
  • I picked out fun, the one aspect of our relatioship that I wanted to stand out for him, andhe responded to it in a powerful way
  • Starting out, you ask yourself this regularly and gradually it becomes second nature
  • When you tune out all distractions, your worries fade into the background, you are bringing PURPOSE around everything that you do


PURPOSE: Support Pillar 2 of 3 Vlog