How deal with stress and tension throughout cancer

Here is what is covered in this episode:

  • Worries during cancer, they grow like grass – needs to be cut regularly or it will take over
  • I tried to get into mindfulness, but realised that I already live life this way, taking each day one at a time, appreciating the little things
  • I tried meditating without success – I’d lie down and feel relaxed but still have a million thoughts buzzing around in my head
  • It didn’t help – still tense, still all over the place…
  • I discovered that the mind releases tension through intense focus, not relaxation
  • Focus directs where you PLACE your energy by doing exercise for the body and the mind
  • Do what’s right for you – choose something you like that you can sustain over time
  • You can’t escape worry during cancer – but you can release all that built up energy when you channel into focus on physical and mental sports


PLACEMENT Vlog: Dealing with Uncertainty Support Pillar 3 of 3 – Removing tension and stress on regular basis