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Here is what is covered in this episode:

  • Panic attack can happen at any time it takes over and you’re not myself anymore
  • You start to worry: – What if I fall down or faint, or stop breathing? How do other people see me, can they tell what’s going on?
  • But fighting it and trying to keep it under control which makes things worse, leaving you worn out and exhausted
  • A good way to think about it is like a train coming towards you – you can’t stop it so get out of the way
  • My technique for dealing with it is called “Feed to Beast” – give it what it wants and it will go away!
  • What I say to myself: “Here it is again, I knew it was coming, I’m going to let it happen and get out of the way
  • Let this waves of panic come and wash over you, and soon it will leave you alone
  • At the end, do a sharp and intense physical movement like jump and clap to break apart whatever tension is left


How To Stop Panic Attack in 2 Minutes or Less Vlog