I know how crazy it gets when your entire life turns upside down when you are diagnosed with cancer, and going to see your oncologist really brings home the reality of cancer...
A lot of the stress comes from uncertainty and that’s where it helps to be prepared so that you know what to expect!
Resilience is about dealing with life's challenges, and there are many of those as you go through cancer, and you somehow need to find strength to get through it. But how do you do that? You can't find your strength in the middle of the street, it has to come from SOMEWHERE...
How To Deal With Cancer DiagnosisHow to deal with the profound shock of being diagnosed with cancer (from testicular cancer survivor)
3 Reasons Why Some Friends Disappear During  Cancer
It’s weird that some people in your life go missing just when you need them most during cancer... After hours of talking to many experts, cancer survivors and analyzing what went wrong, I can share 3 distinct reasons why

There is so much that feels WRONG about cancer, you are under so much pressure to deal with it all and have some semblance of normality... So much of your energy goes to worry and stress, but what if you could channel your energy in a different direction?

You expect your specialist to lay out the treatment step by step, but often, there are you are the one deciding which road to take.
Yes, it's scary because you are asked to make life and death decisions over things you don't even understand...
So you do make a decision that's right for you?

Heading into your cancer treatment is scary... That's why it's important to tackle it on every level - mental, physical, social. It's crucial to be prepared for what's coming your way, how to take care of yourself during this tough time and what to do when things don't go to plan

Getting through treatment is never easy and that’s why it’s crucial to align your life and have the right environment that’s working for you, not against you
3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Chemo
Cancer treatment is scary - you don’t know what to expect and you feel powerless because you don’t know how it’s going to turn out... Through Simplify Cancer podcast, I speak to many folks who landed in cancer and I know for a fact that we all go through it - that's why these 3 strategies I'm sharing are going to help you get through it
Peace of Mind during TreatmentWith cancer, you start to question everything - your every ache or pain is magnified... These worries get to you, they trigger other thoughts, scary, uncomfortable thoughts you don't want, and then you can’t stop thinking about it, and things can really get out of control where you're constantly on edge, not thinking straight and never sure what to do next. So how do you stop your mind from going in a million directions at a million miles an hour?

With or without cancer, we all want to seen and remembered a certain way, particularly when it comes to people you care about the most. That can also make a huge difference to your experience as you go through treatment and recovery...

With cancer, you feel lost – it’s so hard to make sense of it all... It's overwhelming, and sometimes you are so down and don't know what to do with yourself, there is no energy, no spark…
Where I was in that place, it was dark and depressing, but one time, I thought to myself – what if this my last day, what would I do now?

Worries during cancer are like weeds - they will come up, you need to find a release for tension and stress that comes with it. The key in my experience lies not in relaxation, but through mental and physical focus to get that built up energy out of your system!